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Testing Digital:
Experts certified by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board - ISTQB®

The Testing Digital teams are made of test experts certified ISTQB®. Our team is made of different jobs that cover the required competencies to the setup and execution of a performance strategy tests of your apps and mobile sites. Our work processes aim at ensuring perfect functioning to all users.

Here we test!

Discover our different professions to assist you in your QA projects (Quality Assurance)



The job?
Manage the project and make sure we respect our clients requirements

  • Respect the planning
  • Respect the budget
  • Respect the specific requirements
  • Gather all means to reach the test goals
  • Communication coordination between players and participants
  • Draft execution report and project follow up


The job?
Ensure the client’s apps and mobile site test proceedings

  • Collect client requirements
  • Analyze the functional specifications
  • Draft test plans (scenarios and case tests)


The job?
Go over every apps and mobile sites behavior related details.

  • Execution of the different test cases defined by the Test Leader
  • Detailed draft of anomalies found through Excel or a Bug tracker


The job?
Write scenarios, develop scripts and supervise the tests

  • Audit critical test cases that can be automatized
  • Advise on the automatization tools
  • Development and maintenance of the scripts
  • Execution on test environments and production


The job?
Define norms, methods and test tools.

  • Define norms and processes
  • Contribute to audits
  • Advise teams
  • Follow through the process
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What is the ISTQB Certification?

The ISTQB is the International Software Testing Qualifications Board. This independent organization located in Brussels (Belgium), internationally recognized, delivers the certification ISTQB© Certified Tester, the best qualifications system known worldwide. This certification respects a very deontological charter and allows those who possess it to implement methods and performant and coherent work processes. it also allows to exchange in a common language to facilitate the comprehension and relationship with the client.