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Testing Digital© :
Functional tests, ergonomy… adapted to all industries

The users paths are made of micro-moments, at differents times of the day, in different contexts (transports, office, home), on different devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone), to reach different goals (purchase, information, collaboration, etc). This complexity of factors sets the quality of its interactions with the interface to be optimum at all times.

Regardless of the goals set to apps and mobile sites, the digital supports must perfectly respond to the users actions and requests making it valid for all industries and companies. The functional tests offered by Testing Digital© allows to reach great reliability in the application quality.



  • Retail and e-commerce
  • Media
  • Leisure and Tourism
  • Education
  • Bank, Finance, Insurance
  • Health
  • Luxury
  • Communication

No business industry can avoid digitalization of the interactions, whether in BtoB or BtoC. Are your apps and mobile sites always perfectly efficient?

Vos applications et sites mobiles sont-ils toujours parfaitement efficaces ?


  • Start up
  • SME (small and medium enterprises)
  • Large enterprises
  • Big accounts

The performance and the stability of the functionalities of your apps and mobile sites are mandatory to reach your goals. Whether you are a start up, a large business or a big account, your obligation is to offer and guarantee the most optimal service to your users.

Are you really confident that your app and mobile sites respond to these requirements?



  • France.
  • International.

The multilingualism of apps and mobile sites, browsing differences for one user to another according to its cultural origins, are fundamental quality factors for your apps and mobile sites.

Are you sure that your digital means have the same quality level in each country?


Order purchase, adding a wishlist, quote request, shipping, subscription, backoffice test, opinion feedback, social media, etc. the scenarios are as varied as can be the use of digital tools.

Are your apps and mobile sites performant for the goals set?