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Testing Digital© :
the pros of functional, ergonomic…. crash tests for apps and mobile sites.

Apps and mobile sites behavior vary from one consultation device to another (desktop, tablet, smartphone, OS, browser,...). Only the real conditions of use will allow to validate the good behavior of the apps and mobile sites functionalities and responsiveness for all the users.

Functional tests, Technical tests, Multi platform compatibility tests, Automatization... Testing Digital© offers its expertise in quality insurance for apps and mobile sites of all businesses (start-up, SME, big accounts, France and international) no matter the business industry (luxury, e-commerce, leisure, aerospace, retail, BtoC, BtoB...).



Our experts go over every mobile site and app detail. The Testing Digital© teams are made of qualified professionals (certified International Software Testing Qualifications Board - ISTQB®): Test leader, Test manager, Automaticien,... verify the apps and mobile sites behaviors on all device types (desktop, tablet, smartphone) no matter the environment (browser, Android, iOS, Windows Phone).


The Testing Digital© experts are in charge of all the compulsory missions that ensure the functional quality of the user’s interface (ergonomy) of mobile sites and apps.

  • Draft of tests
  • Execution of the functional tests campaign
  • Multi terminal compatibility test: OS/Terminal
  • Specific tests (network, OS, localization,...)
  • Linguistic test
  • Situation test: subway, full memory,...
  • Implementation of methods and test processes (organization, trainings, tools,...)
  • Automatization


Located in Miami (Florida), our experts at Testing Digital© are here to listen, understand your issues and specificities and all those of your users in the context that they have with your apps and mobile sites. We know, thanks to our job, how much interactions are important, it is why, we value experience sharing with our clients.


Subsidiary Of The Byron Group, French Leader Of QA

Testing Digital© is a subsidiary of the Byron Group, French consulting company specialized in Software Quality and project management located in Miami, Florida. With over 130 associates (testers, project pilot, tool experts and testing methods, test creator) who step in at a European Level. Byron Group, through Testing Digital©, develops a know-how in a variety of functional spheres answering to different codes of e-commerce, luxury, leisure, aerospace, insurance, media, retail,...

Byron Group